Strategic Account Management


This programme is for account managers who have business relationships with major corporates or national, pan-European, EMEA or global accounts.

Strategic account management skills are key to retaining and growing profitable business relationships.

The Strategic Account Management Programme will give your people the skills to:

  • Make customers see them as a professional who is an integral part of a business relationship, not someone who simply ‘comes to sell’
  • Develop strong relationships at C-level (Board and Senior Executive), in which clients will consult and seek advice on strategy and business decisions
  • Create a relationship that customers will pay a premium for


Typically a Strategic Account Management programme will cover:

  • Profiling: to show the strengths and development needs of each participant
  • Developing strategic objectives that are shared with the account
  • Creating a long term strategic account plan
  • Building a value proposition that is aligned with customer strategy, goals and values
  • Working in partnership at Senior Executive level
  • Developing and using business acumen
  • Stakeholder management
  • Building a contact strategy at all levels in the business
  • Creating and leading the internal and external team
  • Managing the complex sales cycle
  • Defining quality standards
  • Effective communication




This programme is based on participants directly applying the content to one of their own accounts. 

The structure is based around a series of workshops and field activity, which is supported with a mix of:

  • Pre-course work
  • Business Simulation
  • Role play
  • Role play actors
  • Post workshop projects
  • Accreditation
  • Line management coaching support

Post workshop projects will challenge participants to implement a strategic account plan with a customer.

Achievement of the accreditation is based on implementing the project.


  • Meets your business needs and objectives
  • Provides you with a template to create and agree strategic objectives with these accounts, supported by a long term strategic account plan that:
    • Sets out account management strategy
    • Maximises business opportunities
    • Develops long term , mutually profitable relationships
  • Defines for each of your people:
    • Development areas in account management and business acumen
    • Personal development plans
    • Coaching plans that line management will use to support their people



Blended learning that features:

  • A 100% focus on meeting your needs
  • Account Directors and trainers with outstanding track records in Strategic Account Management
  • TLSA’s unique Business Simulations for an immersive, hands-on learning experience
  • Expertise on profiling and assessing your people
  • Accreditation, working with the ISMM to develop an accreditation model that rewards your people and makes new learning business as usual
  • A track record, proven with major corporates to SMEs
  • A passion for quality, TLSA is an ISO9001 certified company




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