Leadership Development - 360 Degree Feedback

We provide a powerful leadership development tool for business improvement

Gauge how effective your leaders, managers and key account managers are with feedback from those who know them best - their direct reports, peers, bosses and customers

Too many businesses waste resources on inefficient managers who could be performing better, which is why 360 degree feedback is a vital tool for business leaders.

360 degree feedback is an online assessment that invites managerial performance feedback from direct reports, peers, bosses and customers. This gives leaders a clear picture of a manager's strengths and development areas. Giving your team members an opportunity to provide feedback on their managers ensures that you build a positive working environment, eliminate undesirable behaviour and build a distinct competitive advantage.

How does it work?

Participants from all levels of an organisation (from the leadership team to direct reports) are invited to complete a 70-question online survey to anonymously provide feedback on a manager's competencies and skill sets. The manager is also invited to assess their own performance. Questions focus on a manager’s job performance in eight universal management competencies: communication, leadership, adaptability, relationships, task management, production, development of others and personal development. Participants rank the frequency of certain behaviours on a 5-point scale.

A management report summarises the respondents’ scores in graphs and written summaries, comparing them with the individual's perceptions of their own performance. Each participant receives a personal debrief from one of our trained consultants, together with a detailed personal report. This sets out the prioritised development areas considered most important by the senior leadership team. The responsibility is placed with each leader or manager to agree a development plan with their line manager.

This chart shows the differences in how various people experience two of a manager's behavioural competencies.

When can it be used?

360 degree feedback can be used across the leadership and management teams of any organisation, at any time. It's especially beneficial if you're about to embark on a leadership development programme, and should be repeated on an annual basis to track progress.

This example shows how a manager's competencies have been developed over the course of a year, and the performance scores have improved.

What are the benefits?

  • Anonymous, honest feedback on performance
  • Erases the possibility of bias, as discrepancies in feedback are flagged and averaged out
  • Expert, objective advice  on how to improve managerial performance
  • Easy to understand, visual display of strengths and development areas
  • Quick - the process only takes 15-20 minutes
  • Coaching and management support
  • Track development progress and ensure your managers are improving

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