About TLSA

If you have customers, we can help you.

We are leadership, sales management and sales training specialists that deliver flexible and fully accredited solutions for any organisation with sales professionals. We care about both the immediate and long-lasting impact to our clients' businesses, developing the highest standard of sales and customer service performance.

We are the only training organisation to provide flexible, off-the-shelf learning solutions that you can deliver in-house.

We are the only training organisation that integrates immersive computer-based simulations into learning, ensuring the experience in enjoyable and that new knowledge sticks.

Our programmes deliver results.

We are based in Hampshire, UK but can deliver training anywhere in the world. Our trainers have travelled to Europe, the Middle East and the USA to deliver our training programmes.

Built on Client Recommendations

Over the past 25 years, our business has been built on client recommendations. We continue to build long-lasting partnerships through our consultancy work and carefully crafted training programmes.

Our Areas of Expertise

We specialise in sales training courses and sales management training, and leadership and management training, taking responsibility for the success of each project we undertake; we understand that clients need a training partner they can trust to deliver exactly what they promise. We also offer customer service training.

With consultancy, in-house training and off-the-shelf solutions for primarily the B2B market, we can make your life easier and boost your company’s performance. The most recent additions to our portfolio are our online sales courses. Designed by sales experts, our ready-to-go online courses and sales simulations are available now. You just need to enrol and play.  Try one for free now

TLSA’s expert trainers deliver real-world practical learning and develop techniques that deliver long-lasting value. The impact of the learning is measured through accreditation, observation and coaching.

Why is TLSA unique?

  1. Our real world knowledge and our trainers – their candid style, vast experience, genuine enthusiasm and business acumen.
  2. Simulations that have real impact on business performance. Our pioneering simulation software can be tailored to clients to reflect their challenges.
  3. Our expertise in personality profiling helps businesses attract, retain and develop talented individuals that will drive your business forward.
  4. Our eLearning gives you access to the latest learning in a way that fits your schedule perfectly. You can learn at your pace, around your commitments. When needed, you can come together with colleagues to work with our experts to improve performance.
  5. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to deliver nothing short of the best. Read some nof our client testimonials here.
  6. Our rigorous accreditation process is the only method that esures new skills have fully transitioned from the training day to the workplace.