Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Blend a TLSA business simulation into your training events to create a virtual environment where learners test how to use new skills and learning to manage real world situations.

How can you use them?

TLSA business simulations create an immersive experience that acts as the catalyst for people to transfer new skills into their personal roles. A perfect solution to support your training needs, change initiatives, new product launches or business restructure.

The power of storytelling

Sales Simulation

Each simulation transports your learners into a story with a cast of characters. The storylines are drawn from credible, real-world knowledge which learners can relate to. This brings an immediate sense of reality.

Reliable content

As the story unfolds learners must deal with familiar business and people scenarios. Working in a team or online, learners see the impact of their decisions through the storyline and, as in the real world, they have to deal with the results.

Our business simulations are designed to hold learners’ attention, embed learning and encourage activation.  

B2B Appointment Setting Simulation


Business Simulation Feedback

On completion learners are provided with detailed feedback on each decision they have made. Every decision relates to a different learning objective. Learners are challenged to reflect on the immediate and long term thinking of their approach.

This provides a great coaching aid for line managers and helps learners plan how to activate the learning in their day-to-day role.

Business scorecard

Every simulation integrates a behavioural scorecard focused on the skills and behaviours featured in the course. At a glance this shows learners their strengths and development areas. These can be investigated further through the feedback.

Business Simulation Behavioural Scorecard

Revenue scorecard

Simulation Revenue Scorecard


Depending on content, some account management and sales simulations generate sales revenue which is reported by account. Learners can see how their decisions impacted on sales results.


Every simulation generates:

  • Positive memories – drives motivation and activation
  • Enjoyment – fuels engagement
  • Improved performance

What are your options?

Tailored for you

A bespoke simulation is tailored to fully meet your needs. It is written in your language, with your performance measures, storyline, and business challenges.

We will partner with you to create a simulation that addresses the present and can be updated to meet the needs of the future.

Sales Simulation Process

Ready to go

Simulation Introduction

A generic simulation may not be focused on your business, but this can be a huge benefit.

Learners are taken out of their industry and can focus on the new skills and behaviours rather than debating the industry.


What can I use simulations for?

Simulation Programmes Pre Course Work Sales Conferences
Self Development Coaching Recruitment

What our customers say...

“The simulation exercises were fascinating. They really illustrated how one decision affects the sales process downstream."
- Sales conference participant, The Economist Group

“The simulation provided an excellent opportunity to work with my team and develop a structure that we can use to really work on the development of our people.“
- Anon, RBS Group


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