Closing Techniques

Get the skills you need today to improve your future sales results.

This ISM endorsed course includes an interactive sales simulation to help you embed the learning instantly into your role. Learn at your own pace - on your mobile, tablet or computer.


What proportion of sales are you closing? Do you have the razor-sharp skills it takes to confidently close sales? We can make sure you learn them.

With this course, you will discover the proven sales closing techniques to manage:

  • Short sales cycles: to close the sale in one or two meetings
  • Long complex sales: to maintain control and commitment after every meeting as you progress towards doing business

Either way, it’s a challenge!

As you complete the course you will master the skills you need to:

  • Define what closing the sale means in your role
  • Understand when and how to use a pre-close
  • Apply powerful closing techniques to close the business or maintain momentum in the sales cycle
  • Close more deals!


90 minutes


£79.00 ex VAT

Who is this course for?

This practical course is designed for sales professionals, account managers, business owners and senior executives who want to generate more sales. It is ideally suited to those who are already in a sales role.

What will you gain from this course?

The biggest personal benefit you will get from this course is improved sales performance. You will discover effective closing techniques to use in your personal role that will have an immediate and positive impact on your sales results. Skills that include:

  • 5 rules of closing: following these will make sure you gain a commitment
  • Why ‘no’ is not permanent
  • How to use a pre-close as a progress check to test buying signals and avoid talk away
  • 4 easy to use closing techniques that will make it easy for you to ask for the business and easy for the buyer to say yes
  • 3 steps to closing a meeting and maintaining momentum in the sales cycle

What will your organisation gain from this course?

  • Increased sales revenue from new and existing customers
  • More sales closed often with an increase in order value
  • A sales force with the skills and confidence to ask for business and commitment
  • Skilled and motivated people who will value the investment in them

Course Features

5 interactive modules that can be completed when it suits you
Closing Techniques sales simulation
Certificate of completion
A personal record - a summary of content and details of your input and answers to tasks and quizzes. A great coaching aid once you have completed the course! 
Flexibility - you can pause or resume at any time    

Course Structure

Module1 - Course Introduction

Find out what this course is all about.

Module 2 - What does ‘closing’ mean for you?

Find out how to determine the closing technique in your sales development.

Module 3 – The Pre-Close

Discover how to master the use of a pre-close.

Module 4 – Closing Techniques

Learn how to use four different closing techniques.

Module 5 - Sales Simulation: Closing Techniques

Test your new skills in a challenging sales simulation.



Sales Simulation

Once you have completed the course you will have the chance to practise your new skills in TLSA’s Closing Techniques sales simulation. In this virtual environment, you will play the role of an account manager who must close sales opportunities with two customers.

You will have to work with different decision makers and your challenge is to identify buying signals, pre-empt concerns and then use pre-closing and closing techniques to win the business. Get it right with both customers and you could achieve sales of €72,000-00.

You will face several situations in which you will test your learning by making decisions based on closing techniques. Naturally, once made, your decisions cannot be changed!

You will see your progress as the story unfolds and when you have finished the simulation, the scorecard will provide you with:

  • Your personal results in key skill areas
  • Specific feedback on each decision you make. This feedback will help you plan how to implement the skills to overcome objections in your personal role

The simulation is an engaging, rewarding experience that ensures you will be ready to put your new skills into action with your own prospects and customers.


You can play Closing Techniques using Google Chrome on a Windows platform or Safari if you are using an Apple Mac, tablet or mobile.