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The TLSA Consultancy Provides Consultancy for Organisations in All Sectors

Established for 25 years, the TLSA Consultancy gives you access to expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver your business objectives.

We partner with clients that range from SMEs to corporates who value our ability to identify solutions to meet their commercial and people challenges. We balance an honest and challenging approach with a commitment to deliver solutions that work in:

  • Leadership Consultancy: leadership skills are the driving force to close the gap between strategic objectives and the current state. We can help you to assess the capability of your leadership team, develop individual leaders, restructure or implement change initiatives
  • Sales Consultancy: structuring and developing your sales team to meet customer needs is critical to business success. We have the experience to help you establish the sales strategy and sales force structure that is right for your customers and your organisation
  • Building a Learning Academy: you may want to build a learning academy to support leadership, sales and other functions across your organisation. We can help with advice on curriculums, blended learning and create bespoke content to address specific learning and development initiatives. This includes TLSA’s immersive eLearning and business simulation programmes. Just as important, we can support your learning academy with a flexible learning management system (LMS) that lets you manage learning across all areas of your organisation
  • Sales Capability: what are your sales challenges in the next 12 months? It might be to achieve growth objectives, develop new markets, launch new products or just improve performance. Critical to this is understanding the capability and potential of your sales force. A TLSA sales capability review provides an in-depth analysis of sales force structure, capability and alignment with the needs of your customers. The output provides you with an accurate insight into strengths and development areas that will have a significant impact on business performance and cost of sale
  • Talent Management: understanding the capability and potential of your people is key to leadership and sales strategy. We will help you to develop talent management programmes that feature a blend of activities including seminars, team projects, individual assignments, supported by psychometric testing and 360 degree feedback surveys. The aim is to help you:
  • Understand the capability and potential of individuals from all areas of the organisation
  • Develop the next generation of leaders and managers

Consultants with proven experience, expertise and creativity deliver our value proposition, a combination that delivers solutions which are relevant, engaging and focused on delivering your objectives. This is a team that will work with you to deliver step-by-step changes that ensure that people at every level understand what is needed and the contribution they make to business performance.

Start things off today.

TLSA is an Institute of Leadership and Management Approved Centre and an Institute of Sales Management Endorsed Centre.