Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling


This interactive two day programme is designed for competent sales people who are ready to progress and apply new skills to their high value accounts

Participants will learn how to make the move from a sales person who comes to sell, to the business partner who works with customers to help them achieve their objectives.

Customers have new expectations of the sales people who manage their accounts; maintaining strong client relationships is fundamental to sustainable business. Titles such as Trusted Business Partner, Valued Professional Partner are commonly used, but titles are meaningless without the skills to do the job!

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Participants will gain a thorough understanding of:

  • The personal qualities of the Consultative Sales Person
  • Stakeholder Management: how to develop a network of relationships in large customers
  • Managing the Business to Business Sale: the key steps of managing an extended sales cycle
  • Discussion Documents and Proposals: how to structure and write these key documents
  • Consultative Selling: the five stages of the consultative sale
  • Account Planning: in this programme participants work in small groups, using TLSA’s Account Planner to create an account plan for one customer. Every participant will leave with a template they can apply to accounts

Through role play and the Consultative Selling business simulation, participants practice these skills before taking them into the field.


For the greatest impact, the programme is divided into two stages:

  • A two-day workshop: the content includes presentation, practical tasks, role play and TLSA’s unique PC-Based Business Simulation. 
    This is an interactive event that is engaging and compelling for your people
  • Field Project: participants are provided with a detailed field project brief at the workshop. This project:
    • Challenges participants to prepare an account plan for two or three customers that define clear business growth or retention opportunities. Participants are encouraged to launch the plan
    • Is completed in the 12 weeks following the workshop by each participant on an individual basis

We strongly recommend that the field project is followed-up and coached by line managers or field trainers.


The overall benefit this programme will deliver for your business is improved sales performance, supported by account plans that will retain and develop relationships with high value customers.

Participants who complete this programme will have the skills to:

  • Make the move from sales person to business partner, building their personal value with your customers
  • Identify customers where an opportunity exists to grow and retain sales by implementing consultative selling techniques
  • Prepare account plans that will engage customers, agree mutual objectives, strengthen customer relationships and deliver improved business performance


When it comes to delivering Consultative Selling, our team of specialists will ensure they deliver the right solution for you.

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