Quiz: What Sales Skills Do I Need To Work On?

Posted: 09/02/2017

By Brett Lyons

Throughout our careers we face situations where we feel uncomfortable, for example, asking for business at the end of a presentation. Every time, this discomfort signals a development need. If we don't adapt and develop, we miss opportunities. 

Now is the time to be honest with ourselves and learn to recognise these behaviours, stop avoiding the things we're scared of and stop making excuses. To learn, grow and advance your career you need to step out of your comfort zone.  
There are six key sales skills that all top sales performers have fine-tuned. Which do you need to work more on?
  1. Securing appointments
    Are you able to win appointments with key decision makers and generate new business? Or are you reluctant to pick up the phone, and if you do, unable to pass the gatekeeper or get a date in the diary? 
  1. Effective questioning
    Do you know the right questions to ask in order to build strong relationships with your customers? Or are you unable to ask the right questions in order to close business?
  1. Being a trusted business partner
    Do your customers see you as a trusted business partner who is able to identify their needs and find solutions? Or do you lack the confidence to manage relationships with senior decision makers, meaning you don't engage with their challenges?
  1. Selling benefits
    Are you using benefits to create propositions that your customers want to - and do - buy? Or do you have a bad habit of dumping information on your customer - throwing features at them and failing to explain the benefits of your product or service?
  1. Overcoming objections
    Do you have a foolproof formula for overcoming objections and winning more business? Or do shut down and take it personally when a prospect says no?
  1. Closing the sale
    Are you using effective techniques to control the sales cycle and confidently close business? Or do you fail to notice buying signals, unsure of the best techniques necessary to pre-close or close?
Whatever your answers are, remember that the top sales performers in the game didn't get to their position overnight. It is only with honesty, self-reflection and high-quality training that you will perfect your sales skills. You can make a start here with our online courses.


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Brett Lyons

Brett Lyons is an international leadership consultant who has converted 35 years of sales experience into a range of eLearning tools that deliver real-world results. He is a training expert who specialises in coaching motivated leaders to drive their teams to success.