Employee Assessments

Psychometric assessments make recruitment processes more effective.

Good leadership and management can only start when you've got the right people on your team. So how do you do that?

Assessments provide you with a comprehensive profile of a candidate's traits and behaviours, enabling you to see whether they will be successful in a role. Assessments have been proven to generate a 64% improvement in quality of hire.*

Candidates are asked to complete a survey of approximately 300 questions covering personality traits, occupational interests, numerical ability, decisiveness and thinking styles. Their results are scored between 1-10 on twenty different scales, and the aggregate scores they achieve are compared with the national population as well as a company's top performers. Hiring managers can see how suited a candidate is to the position they are being hired for and employ job matching methods in their hiring systems to make sure someone is able to fulfil a certain role.

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Example assessment. The blue area shows the desired average level of independence, and the yellow shows the candidate's score.

Improve your business performance.

Why use our assessments?

Our assessments are reliable, easy to use and validated to help you make better, faster and more informed people decisions. You can use them to develop your teams to their full potential, as well as recruit and retain the right people. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to use psychometric assessments.

What can I use assessments for?

Employee Retention and Engagement
Improve employee retention and performance by evaluating individuals to enable better coaching, understanding and communication. Read More

Employee Development
Address some of the biggest challenges facing you regarding your people development Read More

Leadership and Management Performance Coaching
360 Degree Feedback is a tool to help you accurately evaluate and coach the performance of your leadership, management and sales people. Read More

Succession Planning
Quickly identify those with the innate ability to succeed in key management and leadership roles. Read More

Psychometric Profiling and Performance Modelling
Benchmark your top performers and select candidates who share similar success traits. Help your managers know their teams and pre-empt challenges to accelerate performance and achieve your goals faster. Read More

HR Challenges
Overcome common HR challenges such as poor retention, underperformance, disruptive and abrasive behaviour, and efficient employee development. Proven to reduce turnover by 42%Read more

Pre-Employment Assessment
Quickly filter through applications to find the most suitable candidates to interview. Probe deeper to uncover flaws that may only manifest once a candidate is employed. Read More

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*According to research from Profiles International.