Employee Development

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Powerful assessments that develop individuals and teams at all levels.

Studies have proven that the main reasons people leave their jobs are: disengagement, demotivation and a lack of opportunities to advance in their career.

Successfully managing and motivating people is key to performance and psychometric assessments are a useful tool for doing this. They have the power to assess all the factors that contribute to performance, and give you a means of measuring these factors over time.

Factors that contribute to performance:

  • Capability
  • Job fit
  • Relationship with manager
  • Relationship with co-workers
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Physical and environmental factors


Psychometric assessments give you a clear indication of someone's capabilities. For example, if you're recruiting someone for a procurement role, they will need to have a high level of numerical ability and be happy to make decisions. Ensuring that someone has the right attributes for a role is essential in good hiring practice. Having a clear indication of someone's capabilities from the start also provides you with vital knowledge on what they can work on to improve their performance; this information is valuable for successfully coaching your people.

Job Match

The job matching technology we use allows you to assess whether a candidate is suited to a role that they're applying for. A candidate's psychometric assessment scores will be held up against the template of an ideal candidate (based on the average scores of thousands of top performers in that role). When someone is a good fit for the job that they do, they will be highly successful. When people are not well suited to their role, they will become stressed and demotivated, and may leave. Assessing job fit gives you an indication of what traits someone will need to work on to flourish in their position.

Motivating Employees

Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an employer. Pressure to increase productivity, profitability, and revenue growth can overshadow the importance of how a disengaged workforce can negatively affect company performance. Psychometric profiling helps you discover what drives individual employees, which in turn will help you successfully motivate them. If someone is driven by helping others, it's pointless to run a reward-based target system that's based on money.

Manager-Employee Communication

A manager can significantly impact workforce development and employee performance. Knowing how your leaders' management techniques impact on your business (for better or worse) is the first step to identifying potential training opportunities. Using assessments in conjunction with management training is a recipe for success, especially when using 360 degree feedback, which invites peers and direct reports to anonymously comment on managerial performance.

Workforce Engagement

Everybody is unique, and in order to have a fully engaged workforce you need to know exactly what makes each individual tick. Some people want more responsibility, some people want less responsibility. Knowing the difference is vital to engaging your workforce at all levesl foa  company. Age, background, lifestyle and education can contribute to people's attitudes towards work; make sure you know how to work with everyone to create a diverse but motivated organisation. 

Employee Productivity

We'll help you drive the overall performance of your organisation by coaching employees to develop skills that allow them to be better at what they do. Psychometric assessments both give you information on exactly what skills people need to develop, and are valuable for measuring individual progress as a coaching programme takes place.

We'll show you how our assessments will help you improve business performance.