Employee Retention and Engagement

Job matching is the single most important factor in job success.

Employees who are a good ‘job match’ to the role when they are first recruited are more likely to stay in their jobs longer, be more productive and happier.

The information obtained during the selection process highlights an individual’s strengths and areas for development. The line manager can then create an action plan to address any challenges.

Specific, personalised coaching guidance enables line managers to easily develop each employee to become better at their job. They can work at the individual’s own pace.

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Why improve employee retention?

  • Lower recruiting and onboarding costs
  • Sustain high productivity
  • Reduce anxiety and distractions
  • Reduce disruptions to customers

Engage Your Workforce

Don't let your company fall victim to the memory drain when top performers leave or retire. To ensure your company's long-term success, it’s important to think about career tracks for your employees that will match them with appropriate duties and responsibilities that maximise performance, employee morale and company success.

Encourage Innovation

The most productive companies tend to encourage an exchange of ideas among employees, managers and leaders to make the business more competitive. When employees and managers have open lines of communication, employees are more engaged in the organisation’s future success.

Motivation and Engagement

Every person is motivated in a different way, so it’s important to realise that people are engaged in different ways as well. It is essential to understand what those motivations are in terms of job interests and especially where performance is less than satisfactory.

Maximise Productivity

When good people are put into jobs in which they do not fit, their potential is wasted.

Utilise Employees

Engagement begins with a strategy. It is easier for people to be engaged if they have an aerial view of how their job impacts the organisation overall.

Increase Worker Output

Poor job match, poor work ethic, absenteeism, substance abuse, harassment, employee fraud and theft, weak managers and employee turnover are some of the factors that contribute to substandard productivity. Tackle them head on.

Eliminate Poor Work Ethic

One of an employer's greatest challenges is staffing their organisation with people who are prepared and motivated to work. In some fields, poor work ethic has reached epidemic proportions, contributing to wasteful inefficiency and high rates of employee turnover.

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