Essential Sales Skills

Essential Sales Skills Training

Who is this course for?

Essential Sales Skills is perfect for new sales people starting their careers or experienced sales people who want to refresh core skills.

The course covers the sales skills and behaviours that are expected of a professional sales person operating in a B2B or B2C environment.

Participants enjoy a blend of presentations, practical exercises, syndicates and our Essential Sales Skills Business Simulation in an interactive environment. This is immediately followed by a Field Project that helps participants transform new learning into business practice.

If you want to develop the core selling skills of your people, then Essential Sales Skills is the perfect solution. This module is also an excellent foundation for developing people to more advanced levels.

What our clients have to say...


Participants will gain a thorough understanding of:

  • The Qualities of the Professional Sales Person: an opportunity for participants to look at what makes a professional sales person and benchmark themselves in six key areas.
  • Personal Organisation & Planning: participants discover how they can ensure their time is used in the most cost- effective and profitable way through:
    • Segmentation
    • Capacity Analysis
    • Planning the Business Week
    • Planning Customer Meetings
    • The Main Beam: an easy to use sales model, through which participants test how to use and link ten core selling skills:
    1. Opening the Meeting
    2. Fact Find: Needs Analysis
    3. Structured Dialogue
    4. Bridging Statements
    5. Selling Matched Benefits
    6. The Pre-Close
    7. The Close
    8. Managing Customer Objections
    9. Customer Questions
    10. Generating Customer Referrals

    Role play and the Essential Sales Skills Business Simulation allow participants to practice these skills before taking them into the field.


    For the greatest impact, the programme is divided into two stages:

    • Two-Day Workshop: this is an interactive event designed to be engaging and compelling for your people
    • Field Project: participants are provided with a detailed field project brief at the workshop. The project is:
      • Completed in the 12 weeks following the workshop by each participant on an individual basis
      • Designed to help participants embed learning into business as usual practice

    We strongly recommend that the field project is followed up and coached by line managers or field trainers.


    The greatest benefit of Essential Sales Skills is that participants completing the course will develop new skills through which they can:

    • Retain and develop existing customers
    • Achieve sales performance targets

    Businesses will have the foundations in place to build a consistent, effective and profitable approach to sales.

    Participants will leave:

    • With a personal action plan to address development areas
    • With a clear understanding of core sales skills
    • Enthused and motivated to perform


    When it comes to delivering Essential Sales Skills, our team of specialists will ensure they deliver the right solution for you.