How We Help

"The team at TLSA International work diligently to understand an organisation’s particular needs. They very successfully worked closely with us tailoring to our specific needs in other areas too, including Customer Surveys and Manager Development"

Tony Jones, National Sales Training Manager, Merial Animal Health


Your Learning Partner

Before we work with any client, we always ensure we have a deep understanding of their needs and goals by completing a needs analysis. We recognise that every business has unique training needs, and so we tailor our solutions to address them. We work as a business partner to weave a client's values and priorities into our training materials.


Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are scalable: we can deliver one training workshop, or roll out a full curriculum for entire departments. We often train managers and leaders one-on-one, who then go on to lead powerful and successful teams.

We’re experienced in working at a strategic level, taking on large projects to transform companies from the top down.

Our trainers have real world knowledge and the ability to engage, inspire and move people to action. Our interactive simulation programmes have been developed for clients to reflect their key performance indicators.


Tried and Tested Methods

After years of research and decades of firsthand experience, we know our methods work.

Our training has proven to be effective time and time again, providing high return on investment and long-lasting value. 

Our eLearning, business simulations, and training accreditations are all based on decades of experience in what works, as well as a good understanding of the types of training delivery businesses prefer. Simulations alone have been proven to increase knowledge retention by 70%, compared to traditional lecturing methods, and accreditation is the only measure to guarantee new skills have transitioned from the workshop to business as usual. 



We listen to your unique needs and keep the needs analysis in mind from start to finish.

We are committed to helping you address your business challenges and boost performance.

We take the time to get to the root of your challenge and find the solutions that will deliver measurable results for you. This often involves developing tailored solutions. After a needs analysis, we present the options that are available to you and let you decide which direction you want to take.

We care about both the immediate and long-lasting impact to your business, developing the highest standard of sales professional, manager and leader.



We provide training that has a measurable impact and delivers a substantial return on investment. We know that every business wants to see results from training, and our training accreditation process is the only way to ensure that new skills have fully transitioned from the training room to the workplace, also providing learners with an opportunity to be endorsed by the ILM or ISM.


TLSA Training:

  • Is built on real world experience
  • Provides long-lasting value
  • Breaks performance barriers
  • Is tailored to your needs
  • Is measurable
  • Will transform your business