HR Challenges

We'll help you overcome your biggest HR challenges:

  • Employee turnover
  • Underperformance
  • Employee development

Cutting-edge assessment technology has the power to banish these HR challenges into the past. 

Employee Turnover
Turnover is a key HR challenge and can drain business revenue. Psychometric profiling drastically reduces turnover by ensuring the right person is hired for the job. After taking an assessment, a candidate’s profile is matched against a customised performance profile for the role you want them to fill. When candidates are hired who have similar characteristics to the profile, the result is a long-term, happy employment.

Do you have a team member who isn't performing, but you don't know why? Companies who use psychometric profiling hire the best candidates who will get on with the job quicker because they are both able to do it and enjoy the work itself; they also understand a person's development areas and how to develop them. Employee performance is high with candidates who have been matched to a specific role, and all of this of course generates additional revenue.

Employee Development
Why aren't you getting the best out of your people? Companies from various industries have coached their employees to deliver more sales, better customer service, and higher profits using our tool. Assessments can pinpoint exact areas for developmental opportunity, and TLSA can then generated candidate-specific training solutions. It is when assessments are used in conjunction with sales training that the full force is unleashed and you will see transformations in your staff and bottom line.

We will provide the right support and ensure you select the right assessment for your needs.