Leadership Skills

Lead Your Company to Elite Levels of Success with SKILL ACCELERATOR®Our prices start from £295

SKILL ACCELERATOR® is an off-the-shelf learning solution for line-managers to deliver in-house to their sales teams.The Leadership Skills module series provides specific, resuable training on fundamental leadership techniques.

Vision, Goals & Strategy is a powerful coaching aid for all leaders that equips them with the vital skills for strong leadership.There is often a vast gap between intentions and reality; many leaders have big ideas but are unsure how to implement them. SKILL ACCELERATOR® enables business leaders to create strategies and the activators, enablers and engagement that will deliver their goals.

Leadership Skills TrainingThis course arms every leader with a wealth of expert knowledge in order to:

✔ Create a compelling vision

✔ Deliver the vision through goals and strategy

✔ Engage and enable your people to deliver

Learn the importance of having a vision, how to set goals and how to bring a supporting strategy to life. This module is suitable for new leaders as well as those who have been in the role for a number of years, but want to stay on top of their game.

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