Pre-Employment Assessment

Pre-employment screening assessments will help you increase business performance and reduce employee turnover.

By carefully mapping the characteristics of your top performers in each specific role and creating a customised performance model, you will be able to recruit candidates who have the unique blend of cognitive abilities, behavioural traits and occupational interests to be successful in the role.

Benefits of Effective Pre-Employment Screening

  • Improve hiring precision
  • Increased performance and motivation
  • Reduction in turnover

Interviewing guidance

Interviewing is often an unreliable recruitment method by itself. Make sure you use this opportunity to ask the right questions and gain a deep understanding of a candidate's strengths and compatibility with the role. Assessments provide you with a report that will highlight the challenges you may face if you were to employ candidates whose scores deviate from the performance model. The report provides you with sample questions to address these issues at interview stage, before they manifest later in the job.

Performance modelling

Performance modelling is the same as job matching. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the process of ensuring that you hire the right people for a specific role. An individual’s core competencies are determined by:

  1. Skills, knowledge and technical qualifications.
  2. Behavioural characteristics, personality attributes and individual aptitudes.

Traditional hiring practice only considers the first group. However, information held in the second group is equally, if not more, important. Qualifications are useful, but if a job entails making difficult decisions, a 2:1 in marketing cannot tell you if a candidate will be up to the task.

By matching a candidate’s unique blend of attributes and attitudes against those of a successful performer in the role you are recruiting for, you are guaranteed to make the best business decision for your company. If you know what ‘good’ looks like, you’ll be able to find it much easier than taking employment risks based on interview alone. We offer specific assessments for Sales and Customer Service, which are based on widespread research into the similar attributes of highly successful people in these roles.

Minimising mistakes

People can be very charismatic, but this does not mean they're up to the job. The most astute HR and line managers can still be easily taken in by applicants who appear to have the required traits to become successful in the role. Applicants may deliver an outstanding presentation and impress at the interview stage, but can often go on to fail at what the job requires.

Pre-screening assessments provide the easiest and most effective way to eliminate uncertainties and mistakes in the selection process. Traditional hiring practices can focus too heavily on first impressions, ‘gut feeling’ and the rapport that’s built up between the line manager and interviewee. However, research has consistently proved that there is no correlation between interview skills and on-the-job performance. By remaining vigilant and only accepting someone that closely matches your performance model, you will get a high calibre applicant who will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

A consistent approach

With performance models, your line managers and recruiters will make better decisions and remain firmly grounded in objectivity, which leads to greater recruitment efficiency and accuracy.

To learn more about how we can support you with effective pre-employment screening, please contact us.