Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills

This two day programme is designed for business leaders, relationship managers, account managers and sales professionals.

The Presentation Skills training programme upskills participants with:

  • A structure to create high impact presentations based on audience needs
  • Persuasive communication skills
  • The ability to manage audience emotion and body language
  • Techniques to deal with customer questions

Our Approach

We will work with you to develop a Presentation Skills programme that:

  • Develops your sales people to communicate clearly and gain agreement from major clients
  • Ensures all presentations that your sales people deliver are of a high quality and representative your brand accurately
  • Builds your people's confidence in delivering engaging presentations

This is a practical programme where participants work on live business cases and sharpen their presentation skills within the group, gaining expert feedback in a 'safe space'.

Accreditation is available for this programme.


What our clients have to say...

"From the outset you were hugely impressive... your desire to ask questions and understand exactly who we are as a business is exactly what we needed." - Guy Hayward, Chief Executive, Goodman Masson.

Your Course

Based on live business issues, a Presentation Skills programme will cover:

  • Presentation Structure: a four step approach that is designed to help participants create presentations that are engaging, easy to listen to and persuasive
  • Visual Aids: how to use and create high impact visual aids. This covers PowerPoint to flip charts
  • Practical Projects: the opportunity to deliver and revise presentations based on course content and feedback
  • Video: participants are recorded twice in the programme and leave with two DVD recordings that clearly demonstrate progress made in the programme

Course Structure

The Presentation Skills programme is based on a two-stage structure:

  1. Pre-Work: participants are tasked to prepare a presentation based on a live business case.
  2. Two-day workshop where participants initially deliver the presentation prepared as pre-work. This is developed and perfected over the two days using the programme content.

Regardless of industry this is a programme that needs little customisation. It has produced outstanding results for clients in industries that include financial services, capital goods, property and media.

Course Outcomes

Participants in the programme will leave with:

  • The confidence to create and deliver high impact,  persuasive business presentations
  • An understanding of how to manage the emotions and  body language of the audience
  • Professional techniques to deal with customer questions from the audience
  • The personal confidence to deliver outstanding business presentations


Blended learning that features:

  • A 100% focus on meeting your needs
  • Facilitators who are highly skilled presenters
  • Proven experience in helping clients create presentations that deliver business results
  • A passion for quality, TLSA is an ISO9001 certified company