Psychometric Profiling and Performance Modelling

An individual's core competencies are determined by two groups of factors:

  1. Skills, Knowledge, and Technical Qualifications
  2. Behavioural Characteristics, Personality Attributes and Individual Aptitudes

Although traditional selection processes have focused primarily on evaluating a candidate's skills and technical qualifications, a competency-based approach includes an analysis of a candidate's behavioural characteristics as well.

Benefits of Job Matching Through Psychometric Profiling

  • Minimise hiring mistakes
  • Identify strengths and limitations
  • Target development needs
  • Improve job satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce conflict and absenteeism

Job Matching (Performance Modelling)

The majority of hiring and placement decisions are made by managers or executives who have ‘gut feelings’ about people. However, interview and presentation skills bear no correlation to on-the-job performance. Confidence is not competence. 

If you want to know whether a candidate will be able to perform in the role you're hiring them for, you can run two assessments - one with a high-performer in that role, and one with the prospective candidate who will replace them- and contrast the results. You can also contrast the profile of the candidate with a template profile from our database, based on in-depth research and real-world surveys from high performers in the same role within other companies.

Hiring Top Employees

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