Sales Capability

Sales Capability

Are you making targets or asking ‘What could be?’

Sales performance is key to every organisation. You can have the best products and services but it is your sales team that persuades customers to buy!

TLSA’s Sales Capability Check is a proven way to assess your sales capability and make sure you are getting the best return from your investment.

Managed by TLSA sales experts the Sales Capability Check gives you:

  • Market Readiness: an analysis of your sales structure, sales distribution and sales effectiveness that will identify strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Skills Assessment: an objective view of the capabilities and strengths of your sales leaders and sales people
  • Needs Analysis: identification of priority development needs if the business is to achieve strategic and performance objectives
  • Customer Management: an analysis that identifies opportunity and threat in the areas of customer retention, growth and new business development
  • Distribution Analysis: an insight into the benefits that could be achieved through alternative distribution channels covering online, telemarketing and distributors

A Sales Capability Check is usually completed in three stages:


Stage 1: Scoping the Project

We will partner with you to define the objectives you want to achieve from the project. This may include:

  • Benchmarking:  your sales performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) against established sales standards
  • Salesforce Structure: a check to ensure your sales force is structured to meet the needs and expectations of your customers
  • Sales Leadership: an evaluation of your sales leadership and management skills and process
  • Sales Skills: an analysis of the sales skills and methodology used by your sales force
  • Key Account Management: an analysis of the planning, processes and skills used to manage your high value customers
  • People Development: an analysis of your sales coaching, succession planning and talent management

Stage 2: Implementation


Dependent on your objectives, the implementation stage will feature a combination of all, or some, of the following activities:

  • Leadership Assessments: the objective to identify strengths and development areas in your sales leadership team. Assessments are completed through leadership scans, psychometrics and 360 Degree Feedback combined with feedback from line management, peers and direct reports
  • Sales Assessments: using Psychometric Profiling and simulation we provide you with an analysis of your sales people measured against a performance model based on each specific role. This provides you with invaluable information on recruitment, coaching, talent management and succession planning
  • Structured Interviews: With senior executives, line managers, account managers and sales people. This may also include executives and line managers from other functions, e.g. marketing manufacturing and finance
  • Field Observations: A TLSA consultant working in the field with your people to observe skills and behaviours in a live environment
  • Focus Groups: Events at which your sales leaders and teams express views on strengths and gaps in skills and behaviours
  • Customer Focus Groups: Events at which your customers provide an insight into what they expect from suppliers, the type of relationships they want to develop and how your sales force performs against these expectations


Stage 3: Reporting


We prepare a full report detailing findings, conclusions and recommended actions. Your TLSA Consultant will take you through this report and agree the priority action areas based on the objectives you set for the project.

At this point, if we can help, we would of course be delighted to continue the work with you. In addition, we would also highlight any areas where support may be needed from other sources.

To discuss a Sales Capability Check get in touch for an informal conversation about your needs.