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Your Customised Sales Conference

Sales conferences should stimulate, motivate and educate the sales force. Managed badly, they can be expensive events that fail to achieve their objectives.

Our approach

We'll help you plan, rehearse, implement and manage sales conferences. We help with content, a training session or even create a complete support package that includes structuring the agenda, creating content, preparing speakers, co-ordinating activity, developing team activity and evening entertainment.

We create events that leave your people ready to face their challenges with a clear direction, renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

We have managed sales conferences for:

  • Luxottica Group: manufacturers of Ray-Ban, Oakley and Chanel
  • The Economist Group
  • British Gas

What our clients have to say...

I have attended many sales training events in my career and this was the best!" - Sales Conference Attendee, The Economist Group

Your Conference

A TLSA Sales Conference Director will be assigned to work with your project team. The objective is always to create a professional event that meets your business needs.

The level of involvement is your choice, you may want TLSA specialists to:

  • Take a back room role and make sure everything works when it should and how it should
  • Play an active part in the planning and management of your event

Once our role is established the Conference Director will assign a team to work with you to design, plan and implement a programme that will stimulate, motivate and educate your sales team.

Conference Support

Your conference may be an annual event, a new product launch or a sales promotion. We can support you with a range of services that includes:

  • Structuring the day
  • Creating content
  • Preparing and rehearsing speakers
  • Coordinating activity
  • Role plays with actors
  • Business simulation
  • Designing syndicates
  • Developing  team activity
  • Action Planning
  • Evening entertainment

Clearly your objectives, time and budget influence how these activities are blended together.

Conference Outcomes

The outcomes of a Sales Conference will always be dictated by your objectives. Our aim would always be to create, or support, an event that:

  • Stimulates: your people and challenges them to achieve performance goals
  • Motivates: your people to go out and deliver the objectives they are set at the conference
  • Educates: your people, so they leave with the skills and knowledge that will support the conference content, be it a new product launch, a sales promotion or just doing a better job

Most of all, creating an event that builds a positive mindset with your people.


Blended learning that features:

  • A 100% focus on meeting your needs
  • Sales Conference Directors and specialists who know how to manage and deliver exceptional sales conferences
  • Experience of running major events that deliver results
  • Access to a wide range of proven professional support services
  • A passion for quality, TLSA is an ISO9001 certified company