Sales Management Training

Get a Sales Manager Course That is Right for Your Sales Managers and Organisation
‘Right for Your Organisation’ is the key here. Look at any top performing sales team, at any level, and you will always find a highly skilled sales manager. It is logical to think that most organisations recognise the impact that this key role has on overall performance. With responsibility for leading the sales team to:
  • Break performance barriers
  • Achieve sales targets
  • Retain, develop and  grow profitable accounts 
Sales managers also have to manage underperformance, resolve customer challenges and suddenly find the ‘extra’ sales the business needs. Yet, despite the responsibility, and expectation, organisations often appoint sales managers without enough assessment of skills and capabilities which are required for success in their new role. The deciding factor being that an outstanding sales person will naturally make an outstanding sales manager. Often the appointment to a sales management role is the achievement of a significant personal goal, yet most of us discover becoming a sales manager is one thing, becoming a successful sales manager is something else!
How Do Sales Managers Become Outstanding?
Through extensive research, at TLSA we have identified three things that make outstanding sales managers:
  • Leadership and Management: Planning sales and hitting targets is only part of this. Great sales managers understand how to lead and manage in different situations to get the best performance from each member of the team. Part of this is the ability to recruit the right people
  • Sales Management Process: Field visits, customer coverage, planning, forecasting, pipeline management, execution and follow-up - just a few of the things that sales managers and sales teams do. The sales manager works with the team to establish and deliver the activities that, brilliantly implemented, combine to generate outstanding performance
  • Coaching the Team: Working in the field with sales people, one-to-one meetings and team meetings - events that test the sales manager’s ability to stimulate, motivate and educate the sales force

Develop these three skills with your sales managers and you will develop great sales teams at any level. We can help you bring these things to life for a team of sales managers, or just one individual.

What We Focus On

A TLSA sales management programme focuses on three things:

  • What you have to do to be an outstanding sales manager
  • How to put highly effective sales management strategies into action
  • How to develop as a leader and coach to get barrier-breaking performance from everyone on your team

How Can TLSA Help You Get the Sales Management Training You Need?

You may be looking for sales management training for colleagues, are new to sales management and need to develop your skills, or are an established manager who is ready to progress to a higher level. We will help you meet your needs with three options:

  • Bespoke Sales Management Programmes: a sales management training course designed to specifically meet the needs of your managers
  • One-to-One Coaching - Tailored Professional Development: you may want to develop your skills through the focus of a one-to-one coaching programme with one of our sales leadership experts
  • Sales Performance Coaching: a one day course that is ideal if you are a sales manager responsible for managing a team or other managers 

Professional Endorsements

You have the assurance that our programmes are validated by two professional leadership and management organisations, The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).



Bespoke Sales Management Programmes

This is the perfect option if you have a team of sales managers and want to create a structured approach that will allow for individual flair but deliver the benefits of a course designed specifically to meet your needs, create shared best practice and deliver consistency.

Utilising our Solution Design Process we will work with you to:

  • Identify your needs
  • Agree the course deliverables
  • Plan the delivery
  • Create a way to help your managers activate the content
  • Agree how to measure the return on your investment

See how our Solution Design Process works here.

One-to-One Coaching - Tailored, Professional Development

A challenging, but highly rewarding, approach to develop your sales management skills and the performance of your team. One-to-one coaching is implemented through face-to-face or online meetings, or both, field observations and telephone contact, with content tailored to help you achieve your objectives.

Some of the reasons that motivate people to invest in one-to-one coaching are:

  • Preparation for a new role: you may be a new sales manager talking up a first appointment or an experienced sales manager preparing for promotion
  • Performance Improvement: your aim may be to improve your performance as a sales manager. One-to-one coaching is challenging, but is a powerful way to identify performance barriers and unblock them
  • Personal Impact: developing your ‘personal brand’ as a business leader

Or, simply integrating one-to-one coaching into a wider sales management development programme to help participants implement new behaviours and skills.

Each one-to-one coaching programme is developed using a number of key factors:

  • The Coach: we aim to ensure that each person is provided with a coach they are confident to work with
  • Deliverables: prior to commencing a programme we agree with you the objectives and needs to be achieved, plus benchmarks to evaluate progress
  • Reports: throughout the process coaching reports are provided to cover development, key actions and recommendations. To ensure confidentiality, access to coaching reports is agreed at the beginning of a the programme

Sales Performance Coaching

Outstanding sales managers understand the team as individuals, know the best practice that delivers results, and coach to deliver outstanding business performance. Your managers make their people better at what they do. 

Sales Performance Coaching is a course that teaches the essential skills for every sales manager - coaching the team, or coaching other managers. This is what delivers results. This course changes the thinking of managers as they realise the impact that proactive sales performance coaching has on them as a sales manager and the performance of their teams.

Delivered to a group or one a one-to-one basis, this course shows your sales managers how to:

  • Analyse the skills of each member of their team
  • Develop a proactive, personalised coaching plan for each person
  • Implement coaching plans through field visits, one-to-one meetings and team meetings
  • Utilise a structured coaching process supported by six key coaching skills
  • Deliver coaching in a way that stimulates, motivates and educates
  • Implement effective follow-up strategies
  • Align coaching and communication
  • Define the approach to coaching across the team
  • Achieve objectives through managers who are their direct reports

To receive a call back to discuss the sales management training you need, send us a quick message and we'll arrange a convenient time to call you.