Sales Negotiation Skills Training

Sales Negotiation Skills Training

Give your teams the skills to negotiate solutions that are seen as a win, by both parties.  In this fast paced  interactive course learners discover negotiation tactics, a proven planning approach, how to manage sensitive situations and conclude successful negotiations.

Sales Negotiation Skills is a two day programme in which participants discover a powerful three step sales negotiation process designed to deliver ‘Winning Solutions’. This immersive training programme allows participants to learn and test new skills in a challenging and interactive environment.

The programme features a combination of presentation, debate, practical exercises and role play. Participants can practice their skills through TLSA’s Business Simulation.

Sales Negotiation Skills is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management (ISM)

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Participants will gain a thorough understanding of:

  • The Qualities of the Professional Negotiator
  • Defining Negotiation: making sure that participants understand at what point in the sales cycle negotiation can start
  • The Three Step Negotiation Process: participants discover how this powerful process is used to conclude successful business agreements. The process covers:
    • Investigation: understanding the key information that must be gathered before the negotiation process begins
    • Tactics: eight high impact negotiation tactics, how to use them and how to react to them
    • Closure: the skills, practices and behaviours of bringing the negotiation to a positive conclusion for both parties

This is an interactive programme in which participants test the three step negotiation process through:

  • Challenging team role plays. Generic versions are provided, but these can be customised to meet the individuals needs of your business
  • TLSA’s Negotiating Winning Solutions business simulation


For the greatest impact, the programme is divided into two stages:

  • Two-day workshop: the content features presentation, practical tasks and TLSA’s unique pc-based business simulation. Participants also have the opportunity to test the content through team role plays
  • Field Project: participants are provided with a detailed field project brief at the workshop. The project challenges them to implement the content in one, or multiple, negotiating situations

We strongly recommend that the field project is followed-up and coached by line managers or field trainers.



The benefits that this stage of Professional Selling will bring to your business is that your people will have the skills to negotiate business agreements that:

  • Are profitable for you and your customers
  • Will develop on-going business relationships

Plus, your people will leave motivated and confident about their negotiation skills, supported by:

  • An action plan to address personal development areas
  • A proven approach to negotiation that ensures a professional approach that will be respected by your customers


When it comes to delivering Negotiating Winning Solutions, our team of specialists will ensure they deliver the right solution for you.