Sales Skills

Perfect the Art of Selling with SKILL ACCELERATOR®Our prices start from £295

SKILL ACCELERATOR® is an off-the-shelf learning solution for line-managers to deliver in-house to their sales teams.The Sales Skills series provides specific, resuable training on fundamental sales techniques.

From graduate recruits to experienced key account managers, this training package enables all sales people to sharpen vital sales techniques and develop meaningful business relationships.

Sales Skills Training SeriesThe Sales Skills Series is a transformative sales training programme delivered in six comprehensive modules:

 Winning Appointments

✔ Questions & Active Listening

✔ High Yield Questioning

 Selling Benefits

✔ Closing the Sale

✔ Managing Objections 

Each module is designed to engage and support all sales professionals within a business to business environment. Your sales people will acquire and practice the right sales skills to achieve more sales and deliver stronger business results. The training can also be used to introduce basic selling techniques to non-sales people such as delivery or support teams.

Line Managers can use each title as a stand-alone module or part of a wider training programme, wherever, whenever. Sales team meetings, one-to-one coaching sessions, sales conferences, team events – the choice is yours. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to use SKILL ACCELERATOR®.

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