Get the results you want with a bespoke learning programme to meet your exact needs
TLSA has a strong track record of creating bespoke learning programmes that meet needs and deliver long-lasting results.
Our solution design process is a proven process to explore and understand your business challenges, the issues to address and the outcomes you want to achieve.
We do most of the work, but we need your input.
Our solution design process consists of five specific stages.
Please click on each stage below to understand how the process will create the right solution for you.


A TLSA consultant will work with you to define the needs that your solution must meet. This stage is critical to developing a solution that is right for you, so we will:
  • Explore with you every aspect of the project to ensure the needs of each decision maker and stakeholder are understood
  • Identify specific learning methods you may wish to adopt. As an example, if you have already decided that you want an eLearning solution then our eLearning development team would complete the solution design process with you
  • Agree with you the learning methods that will be the most effective for your people and your organisation:
  • Workshops
  • eLearning
  • Scenario-based business simulation
  • Project work

Through the solution design process we will work with you to examine all of the available options and we may even suggest some that you may not have considered.

Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of your needs and challenges. This is a process that may feature all, or some, of the following activities:

  • Needs analysis meetings  - with decision makers, advisers, key influencers and  associated project teams 
  • Learning alignment  - establishing how new learing will need to align with current practice
  • Technology alignment - to ensure technology such as learning management systems, eLearning and simulations are accessible and easy-to-use for learners and administrators
  • Observation days - to watch people in action with customers and inside the business
  • Competency assessments - using TLSA’s unique webb map assessment tool to establish desired competencies for each role and then complete assessments on all, or a representative sample, of participants. This is an effective way of collating live data on training needs through a consistent process
  • Focus groups - to get the views of the people who the learning solution will be designed for
This is about understanding the ‘current state’ and creating the ‘desired state’ – the vision that the learning solution must deliver.
In a half-day workshop, the objective is to define the outcomes that you want to achieve from the project.
The workshop provides a great opportunity for each stakeholder to identify ‘what good looks like’ for areas of individual responsibility and for the group to reflect these into specific outcomes. 
A significant output of these events is the identification of:
  • Behavioural change that learners will need to make on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
  • Where resistance to change is likely to exist
Once established, these outcomes define what the project must achieve and shape the content and structure your solution will be built on.
At this point we know the needs, we know the deliverables, the next step is to create the solution that will deliver. Using a blended learning approach, we will work with you to create a solution that may include:

The key to making new learning work is to ensure it is activated in your business, the aim being to take the learning into commercial practice. We support you with a series of options that include:

  • Accreditations: learners achieve an accreditation through the implementation of a personal project designed to activate the learning. The project is assessed against a specific brief and the accreditation provided through: 
  • An in-company scheme
  • The Institute of Sales Management (ISM)
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
  • Line manager coaching: one-to-one or group sessions with line managers to provide support and advice
  • Line manager coaching support: designed to help line managers assess coaching needs and implement effective coaching plans
  • Story-based simulation and eLearning: designed to refresh learning and onboard new people. This is an option that can be used at specific events or as mobile learning
  • Work outs: held on a quarterly basis, these events measure progress, identify action  areas and set strategy



To ensure you are always aware of progress, challenges and areas where change may be needed, we commit to support and review progress through:

  • An agreed account management strategy
  • Project meetings, performance analysis, reports and feedback

Take a look at our Measurement of Your Investment package. There are five options you can select to evaluate your return on investment with TLSA and achieve the results you want.

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