Strategic Leadership

Develop the Strategic Leadership Skills to Deliver Your Future Business Objectives
This challenging course shows leaders how to look beyond the present and lead the business to fulfil future business performance and growth objectives.  
Strategic Leadership is leadership development course which shows business leaders how to create a vision; engage key stakeholders and plan how the business will make the journey from its ‘current’ to ‘desired’ state. It combines strategic thinking and leadership skills to develop leaders who:
  • Deliver financial and growth objectives
  • Lead with a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Know how to engage the team in a shared vision
  • Develop leadership strategy aligned with the objectives of the organisation
Who is Strategic Leadership For?
This 2-day leadership course is ideal for leaders who are in, or about to move into, C-level, director or senior executive roles in which they are responsible for setting and implementing business strategy.

What Will Your Leaders Get Out of Strategic Leadership?

Participants focus on four key elements of strategic leadership:

  • Vision: how to create a clear vision, or strategic aim, that has the clarity to engage the team in a shared purpose and direction
  • Strategic Planning: developing the core objectives, goals and timelines that drive a strategic plan supported by:
    • People empowered to make decisions and contribute ideas aligned with business strategy
    • The activators and enablers that will turn planning into action
  • The Role of the Strategic Leader: how the strategic leader balances working ‘in’ the business against working ‘on’ the business
  • Alignment: defining the right approach to market and then developing the people resources and capability to make it happen


What Does Strategic Leadership Cover?
Strategic Leadership features the following modules:
The Role of the Strategic Leader
This module provides the opportunity to review the pre-work assignment covering:
  • The skills and qualities of the strategic leader
  • Key team functions
  • Differentiating leadership and management
Principles of Strategic Leadership
  • Creating the vision and value proposition
  • Setting strategic objectives 
  • Building strategic goals
  • Developing the business environment
  • Empowering and enabling the team

Aligning the Strategic Business Plan

Integrating the principles of strategic leadership into a formal plan which includes:

  • Market disciplines: customer intimacy, operational excellence, and product leadership
  • Resources and capability
  • Values and culture

Change Management

  • Creating a change map
  • Change sponsors
  • Creating engagement
  • Managing emotion and resistance


What are the Benefits of Strategic Leadership for Individuals? 

  • The skills and confidence to lead by defining the future, understanding the present and setting the strategy to achieve
  • The ability to align people, values, culture and resources to deliver strategic objectives
  • The confidence and skills to implement change management initiatives needed to deliver a strategic plan
  • Learning that can be easily adopted to deliver immediate results
What are the Benefits to the Organisation?
  • Leaders who understand how to engage the team in a shared vision and purpose
  • Leadership strategy which is aligned with the objectives of the organisation
  • Highly motivated teams and individuals working to achieve common objectives and goals
  • A business environment in which people have the confidence to innovate and challenge
  • Engaged people who recognise that they are valued by the organisation
What is the Structure of the Strategic Leadership Course?
A blended learning approach takes your leaders through:
  • Pre-work: an assignment that engages your leaders with a practical assignment based on the ‘current state’ 
  • Course: a two-day workshop. Leaders complete syndicates, personal projects and case studies, developing outputs that are easily integrated into day-to-day activity. A TLSA consultant with significant experience in strategic leadership delivers the programme
  • Case Study: a complex case study in which learners are challenged to create a strategic plan for a failing business that has the potential to grow. This is a plan that provides a blueprint learners can take back into their own roles
  • Personal Project: a structured project, which acts as the catalyst for participants to implement the learning in their personal roles. This powerful motivator builds momentum which can be accelerated with coaching support. We can help you with coaching materials, advice, a Performance Coaching course or a coaching programme tailored for your organisation
  • Certification: an opportunity for your leaders to earn an award by demonstrating how they have implemented the personal project.  At an event held 12 weeks after the workshop, they present their results to one of your senior executives and a TLSA consultant. Each presentation is assessed and each leader is provided with feedback and a certificate endorsed by you and TLSA
  • Participants and Venues: Strategic Leadership is run for groups of up to 12 participants at your preferred venue. Participant numbers are limited to ensure that each participant has the opportunity to take part in practical tasks, has access to the facilitator and is engaged with the programme.
A Ready-to-Go Course
Strategic Leadership is a ‘ready-to-go’ course. This flexible approach provides you with the options to:
  • Have the course delivered in its generic format
  • Re-order, change and add content which is specific to your organisation
What Will Your Learners Receive?
With this programme your learners will receive:
  • Detailed programme notes
  • A Strategic Planning template
  • Vision, Values and Beliefs team projects
  • Resource Management: Characteristics and Behaviours assessment


Is Strategic Leadership a Professionally Endorsed Course?

Strategic Leadership is an Institute of Leadership and Management endorsed course, which means that the content is verified by the UK’s leading professional body for leadership and management.
To ensure your organisation and leaders get the maximum benefit from this course, other options you may wish to integrate are:
ILM Accreditation:  your leaders can earn an accreditation from The Institute of Leadership and Management (The ILM). This option provides additional benefits for individual learners.
Leadership ConsultancyA review of strategy, leadership and culture may point the way to aligning the course content and delivery with the opportunities and challenges your business is dealing with.
Leadership Assessments: Accurate psychometric assessments that identify for each of your leaders:
  • How each leader matches the needs of the current role
  • The potential for future development of each leader
  • Cognitive ability, behavioural strengths and occupational interests to show what ‘good looks like’ 
  • Surveys which illustrate how line managers, peers and direct reports view each of your leaders, compared to their own perception. These are based on 18 management skill sets and 70 specific behaviours which critical to leadership roles
  • Personalised debriefs and reports to develop each leader 
Bespoke Management Training Programme
You may feel your leaders need a course specifically designed to meet needs that are unique to your organisation. Using our solution design process, we will work with you to create a bespoke course that meets your needs and fits your budget. This powerful process ensures that you get a solution that will engage your senior management team, address your needs and deliver the outcomes you require.
We can break down the programme into shorter modules and then deliver these as an online training sessions for groups, or for individuals to complete at their own pace. 
Linked Courses
Having completed the Strategic Leadership course, to continue further professional development, we would recommend a one-to-one coaching programme focused on specific development areas for each individual.
To get the strategic leadership training for your senior leaders call us on 0345 600 1556.


We are an Institute of Leadership and Management recognised training centre.

What our customers say.....

The comments below illustrate feedback from participants who have attended the Strategic Leadership course:

‘Overall a great session to enable me to apply structure to my strategic objectives.’

‘This really makes you ask questions about your team and goals. The course will help me to achieve my strategic aim in both business and personal goals.’ Anthony Hines, Goodman Masson

‘Informative, challenging, got me seriously thinking about my team and its direction. Detail, variety of topics covered.’ Neil Aitken, Goodman Masson

‘Clear, makes you think about the depth, content, confidence and exchange of ideas.’ Jackie Turner, Goodman Masson

‘An excellent course. Insightful and very relevant to my job. One of the best leadership training courses I have attended. I was very impressed with this course.’

‘Extremely detailed content, but the packs provided were so thorough it enabled you to absorb, participate and enjoy the course rather than having to write notes. Balance of breakout sessions was also good.’

 ‘As already mentioned/detailed from a new learner of strategic planning, course content was great, case studies supported learning. Structure of templates will help and allow me to use in everyday practice.’ Matthew Sewell, Co-operative Bank.

‘Gives good overview of importance of focusing on a small number of goals and being aligned. It also gives a great structure to follow, to think everything through to make your plan comprehensive. I like that it has a very practical and relevant element to it.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the programme – well-structured and excellent delivery by Brett.’ Jane McGrath, Co-operative Bank.

‘Content was excellent and relevant.’

‘High level of engagement. Simple and logical framework.’

‘Good breakout sessions, good size of participants.’


‘Good pace, Brett explained all points where people needed clarity in a simple way. Very enjoyable! Thank you.’

‘Very well structured programme.’

‘Group engagement, generated positive learning.’ Adrian Smithies, Co-operative Bank

‘Useful strategic content and planning for future growth.’ Paul Geist, Goodman Masson

‘Enjoyable. Made me look at myself as a manager.’ Sigi Joseph, Goodman Masson

‘It is always excellent.’