Telesales Training

Telesales Training

Telesales training is an asset to any business. Whether you're operating out of a call centre, telesales office or just have a couple of people on the phones, we can create a tailored training programme that suits your business objectives. 

Our Approach

We provide telesales training programmes for:

  • Taking Inbound Calls: Taking incoming sales calls from customers, understanding needs, providing solutions, upselling and cross-selling other products and services
  • Outbound Calling: A proactive approach to telesales. Making outbound calls to new and existing customers to generate leads, make sales presentations and close sales
  • Telephone Account Management: Providing customers with a complete account management service using the telephone and web

If you are thinking of creating a new team, or developing an existing team, let us know how you want your team to operate and we can make it become a reality. 


What our clients have to say...

Course Structure

A telesales skills programme would be structured to meet your business needs and is likely to include:

  • A training workshop or workshops featuring:
    • Pre-course work
    • Presentation
    • Practical tasks
    • Case study
    • Role plays based on scenarios taken from your business
    • Role play actors
    • Post workshop projects to embed and activate learning
    • TLSA's unique business simulations
  • Accreditation to give participants a real sense of achievement

Course Outcomes

The most basic outcomes of our telesales training programme are:

  • Delivery of sales objectives
  • Improved sales performance
  • Improved customer retention, development and acquisition
  • Motivated, high performing sales people

However, additional outcomes will be achieved according to the objectives that we set with you.


Blended learning that features:

  • Account Directors and trainers with proven track records in all forms of telesales
  • Expertise on profiling and assessing your people
  • A track record, proven with major corporates to SMEs

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