White Label eLearning Courses

White Label eLearning Courses For Business

White Label eLearning Courses

Specially designed for learning and development professionals and training providers

The solution

On-demand eLearning courses boost business activity, but they take a lot of time and expense to create. Why reinvent the wheel when you could put your logo, colours and visuals on our ISM-accredited courses? We can provide you with engaging eLearning courses to deliver to your colleagues or customers on your own secure, encrypted eLearning system.

Proven content. Real expertise.

Essential skills for people in communications, sales, influencing and customer service

Our collection of sales and customer service eLearning courses provide you with the skills and techniques to advance your business. Built on decades of experience, our learning experiences drive you to break through performance barriers and achieve outstanding results.

Each course is designed to smoothly integrate into your existing training programmes, and features an interactive simulation. Plus, our sales courses carry the quality mark of an Institute of Sales Management (the ISM) endorsement.

How it works



Whose it for?

How are the courses structured?

The course structure is based on a proven format that integrates interactive modules and simulation with tools and takeaways. The structure allows learners to complete the course at their own pace.


How are the courses managed?

You will have full control of your courses through your own cloud-based eLearning system, which is low cost and easy to use. 

Easy to manage

The eLearning cloud is intuitive to use, providing:

Straightforward reporting
Tracking for individuals' progress and completion
Performance metrics
Automated email notifications to learners


Best user experience

Provide your learners with the best user experience:

Automatic immediate enrolment - providing a seamless shopping experience from your website to eLearning launch
New features added regularly to the eLearning system


Unrivalled flexibility

    Create and manage blended learning programmes

    Set-up unlimited customer and staff groups

    Create personalised learning paths

    Option to allow learners to leave reviews and scores

    Set the duration of the course and number of plays

    Designed with the mobile experience in mind, these courses offer unbelievable flexibility

    SCORM and Tin Can compliant


Which white label solution is right for you?


There are 3 white label solutions. Choose the one that’s right for you:

Option 1 – feature your logo throughout the eLearning and simulation
Option 2 – option 1 plus a branded introduction, key images, and contact details
Option 3 – option 2 plus all content branded in your company colours


If you are looking for eLearning content specifically tailored to your industry or challenges, TLSA can provide you with a custom eLearning solution to suit your needs exactly. 



eLearning Courses

Pricing for your own white labelled eLearning courses

Choose the level of customisation you require:



eLearning system

Pricing for your own easy to use eLearning platform, hosted on a sub-portal of TLSA’s LMS. 

You can choose the level of white labelling you require:


Manage and track your learners with ease with TLSA’s on-demand eLearning courses. 

Please note: The functionality does not allow you to upload your own courses. If you already have your own learning management system, then our custom eLearning is right for you.

Available eLearning Courses



Benefits at a glance

See how your business will benefit from white label eLearning from us.



What can TLSA’s white label eLearning courses do for your business?

We’ll empower you to achieve your business objectives. We put the power to manage and deliver professional development in your hands: for your customers, partners, members and colleagues.

Improve every learner's performance with: