Why Use Our Assessments?

10 Reasons to Use Our Employee Assessments

We'll help you improve performance, retention and motivation. 

1. Comprehensive Delivery System

You will have your own customised, easy-to-use online assessment and survey platform that can be integrated into any Applicant Management System (AMS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

2. Fool-proof Hiring Practices

Assessments have been proven to generate a 64% improvement in quality of hire, consequently boosting company performance and reducing turnover at the same time. They provide you with a comprehensive profile of a candidate's traits and behaviours, enabling you to see whether they will be successful in a role. At the end of the assessment report, there are suggestions of interview questions that you can ask in order to gain clarity on certain areas.

3. Management Tool

Assessments give a comprehensive, accurate depiction of a person's strengths, weaknesses and motivations. With this information, managers gain expert advice on how to motivate and stimulate certain individual team members in different ways.

4. First Class Client Service

Your dedicated Account Manager will train you on every aspect of using assessments. You will soon become an expert on administering and interpreting the wide range of assessments and surveys.

5. Measure the Total Person

Individual personalities impact on your business success. Assess the three most important dimensions of a person: thinking and reasoning, behavioural traits and occupational interests.

6. Designed for Business

Our assessments are specifically developed for business use and are easy for management to use and interpret. They save you precious time, money and energy. The reports are written in plain English and contain graphs to demonstrate an individual's profile. 

7. Flexible Buying Options

We recognise that every business is different and has different needs. Pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited usage or buy assessments individually.

8. Available in Multiple Languages

Most assessments are translated into multiple languages and adapted by local experts to be culturally appropriate. Localised validation and reliability studies are conducted to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Candidates can complete the assessment in one language with translation options available to the employer at no extra charge.

9. Ease of Use

Set up an online assessment whenever you wish, with the results available immediately after completion. Each assessment provides several in-depth reports and graphs to enable you to make better people decisions. All you do is send an invite to a candidate's e-mail address. The process takes just under an hour.

10. Customised Performance Models

Create unlimited, role-specific performance models that reflect your unique team and business culture. A performance model is a scored framework that details the attributes necessary to succeed in a role. They are used to ensure the people you employ will have many of the same job-related attributes as your proven performers. For example, if you are replacing a high-performing customer service manager, you can contrast a candidate's assessment scores against those of the person currently in the role.

How can we enhance your business performance with our assessments?